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[Finance Building (2007) 853] on the issuance of t

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PostWysłany: Pon 9:39, 24 Sty 2011    Temat postu: [Finance Building (2007) 853] on the issuance of t

Ministry of Finance
On the issuance of "the central government for special funds for development of service industries Interim Measures," the notice
December 6, 2007 Finance Construction [2007] 853
Provinces, autonomous regions, municipalities, separately listed cities (bureaus):
According to "accelerate the development of the State Council on the views of the Service Sector" (Guo Fa [2007] 7) and other relevant documents, we have developed a "central government for special funds for development of service industries Interim Measures," is issued to you, please seriously implemented.
Promote the services sector to accelerate development,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], improve the structure of the services sector in the proportion of three industries, will help promote economic restructuring and accelerate the transformation of economic growth; also help alleviate the bottleneck of the shortage of energy resources, improve efficiency of resource use; also help solve the urban and rural areas employment and livelihood issues. To attach great importance to this work, with local conditions, as soon as possible to develop effective methods and measures, manage and make good use of special funds for development of service industries, to ensure the harmonious development of society and economy.
Annex: The central government special funds to promote the development of Interim Measures on Management Services

Cc: State Council, the National Development and Reform Commission, Ministry of Commerce, Gongxiaozongshe.

The central government special funds to promote the development of Interim Measures on Management Services
Chapter I General Provisions
First under the "State Council on Accelerating the development of services in a number of opinions" (Guo Fa [2007] 7) and other relevant documents, to promote the accelerated development of services, promote economic restructuring, transformation of economic growth, increased economic development activity, local economic prosperity, and promote a harmonious society, central government set up special funds for development of service industry. Under the "Budget Law" and its relevant provisions of the Regulations, in order to standardize the development of special funds to promote the management of services, development of this approach.
The second special fund to promote development of service industries (hereinafter referred to as special funds) adhere to the "factors of distribution, focused, encourage innovation, openness and transparency" principle.
(A) factors in distribution. Special funds allocated to factor method.
(B) focus. Focus on the development of special funds to support services in key areas and weak links on the livelihood and environmental protection priorities to support key industries. On the backbone enterprises to increase support for the advanced characteristics.
(C) to encourage innovation. Supported by special funds to improve the service capability of independent innovation, promote industrial upgrading and improve competitiveness.
(D) open and transparent. The allocation of factors of special funds, allocation, and project management to maintain fair, just and open.

Chapter to support the scope and allocation
Third key support services special fund the development of key areas and weak links, support include the following:
(A) community services,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], Food security services, systems and other services for residents of life;
(B) of the agricultural information service system, such as agricultural service system for rural service industries;
(C) third party logistics, distribution chains and other commercial and trade circulation, commercial services, renewable resource recycling system, outsourcing, electronic commerce, production-oriented services;
(D) the focus needs to support other services.
Fourth overall in accordance with national requirements and the service industry development fund at the direction of the Ministry of Finance grants a clear focus of the annual special fund industries and fields.
Article industries and areas under the key support of the provinces (autonomous regions and municipalities, the same below) related development index, according to a certain subsidy standards, and consider the financial situation of the region on the allocation of special funds.
Article factors of special funds allocated in principle calculated to statistics released by National Bureau of Statistics Yearbook prevail.

Chapter support methods
Article VII of special funds to reward, discount loans and financial assistance and other support methods.
(A) of the award. In order to improve capital efficiency, for the quantitative evaluation criteria to the development of specific projects, the way of incentives. After the implementation of the project, according to the required standards, audited eligible projects, arrangements for incentive funds.
(B) interest payments on loans. To meet the special fund to support key projects and bank loan terms loan interest subsidy approach taken. Discount in place according to the actual bank loan funds to provide interest rate and real interest payments calculated. Discount period normally not exceeding 3 years, the annual discount rate does not exceed the maximum prescribed by the State Bank of the year benchmark lending rate. Specific discount rate in the local financial departments shall be determined in accordance with the above.
(C) financial assistance. For the weak-profit, public welfare strong, difficult to quantify the evaluation of the project is not suitable for Yijiangdaibu to support the way to financial assistance. Project undertaking unit of a higher proportion of own funds priority.

Chapter review and disbursement of funds
Article VIII of the Ministry of Finance according to the annual special fund to support key elements method to allocate special funds to the province and issued capital budget targets, and payment management by the relevant provisions of the state treasury timely disbursement of funds.
Article IX provisions of the provincial financial department of the Ministry of Finance's annual allocation of special funds to support special funding priorities and budget targets,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], together with relevant departments to arrange the preparation of the province's views on specific projects, within the specified time, after examination and verification by the Ministry of Finance organized and implemented.
Article commissioned by the provincial finance departments to relevant agencies or organizations of experts reporting to the provincial project review. Assessment fee is charged in special funds, special funds in accordance with the amount does not exceed 1.5% of control.
Article XI Ministry of Finance, the provincial finance department issued the receipt of special funds and projects arranged confirmation, in accordance with prescribed procedures to allocate special funds procedures, timely and in full will be allocated special funds to the project undertaker.
Central subordinate units under Article XII of this regulation and the special funds to support the direction of the year, provided the materials meet the requirements, reporting directly to the Ministry of Finance. After review by the provisions of the Ministry of Finance, issued a capital budget and the disbursement of funds directly.
Article XIII of the special funds should cover the application materials:
(A) the application for special funds;
(B) the project feasibility study report;
(C) to undertake the project legal person business license, rent,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], tax registration certificate;
(Iv) bank loan interest subsidy project, to provide the relevant bank loan contracts and loan commitments certificate books;
(E) The project undertaking unit relevant qualification certificate;
(F) other requested materials.

Supervision and Administration Chapter
Article XIV of the local financial sector, the Central owned units shall strengthen the use of special funds and project implementation supervision and inspection, spot checks from time to time the Ministry of Finance.
Article XV earmarked special funds, and no unit or individual shall not detain, hold back, diverted and misappropriated and to change or expand the use of special funds. On the false, impersonator and other means to obtain and retention, interception, misappropriation or diversion of special funds, once verified, the Treasury will recover the special funds,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], according to "Financial Regulations on the Punishment of Punishment" (State Council Decree No. 427) of the relevant regulations.
Chapter VI Supplementary Provisions
Article XVI of the measures implemented from the date of issuance.

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