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[Education High (2009) 5] Ministry of Education, t

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Dołączył: 24 Gru 2010
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PostWysłany: Pon 9:38, 24 Sty 2011    Temat postu: [Education High (2009) 5] Ministry of Education, t

Ministry of Education, the Ministry of Commerce on Strengthening the Training Outsourcing work to promote the employment of college graduates Opinions
Provinces, autonomous regions and municipalities directly under the Office of Education (BoE), commerce department, the Education Bureau of Xinjiang Production and Construction Corps, Bureau of Commerce, colleges and universities directly under the Ministry of Education:
To implement the "State Council on the promotion of services outsourcing industry development in the reply" (State Office letter 〔2009〕 9) and the "National Development and Reform Commission Ministry of Education, Ministry of Finance Ministry of Personnel Ministry of Science and SASAC focus on further strengthening of national shortage of personnel training work in the field of view "(to teach high 〔2007〕 16) of the spirit, is to speed up the training of service outsourcing talents, improve the quality of China's service outsourcing industry personnel, and promote the employment of college graduates make the following observations:
First, develop the importance of service outsourcing talents
Intelligence service outsourcing industry is talent-intensive service industry, information technology,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], carrying with high added value, low resource consumption, environmental pollution, high levels of international features. Vigorously develop service outsourcing talents, improve the employability of college graduates will help change the way of speeding up economic development and promote coordinated regional economic development, optimize trade structure, enhance the use of foreign funds, to fully implement the scientific concept of development, to achieve "capital growth, expanding domestic demand, readjusting the structure, "the goal of great significance.
Second, a clear outsourcing objectives of the work of personnel training
Colleges and universities to the rapid development of service outsourcing industry, according to the need to adjust the structure of service outsourcing personnel training, personnel training to expand the scale of outsourcing, focus on improving the quality of personnel training. Involved in software development outsourcing industry, product technology research and development, industrial design, information technology research and development, information technology outsourcing services, business process outsourcing and other technical fields, various colleges and universities to carry out the relevant professional service outsourcing talents training in vocational,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], undergraduate graduate and other levels of training high-quality service outsourcing talents, and strive to develop within 5 years of service outsourcing and training 1.2 million people, adding 100 million college graduates, to achieve the 2013 international service outsourcing business of $ 30,000,000,000.
Third, the establishment of service outsourcing personnel training system
Ministry of Commerce and Ministry of Education jointly identified the establishment of China's service outsourcing model city "service outsourcing talents training center" and develop "service outsourcing talent training center" social training institutions, practitioners and other standards. "Service Outsourcing Training Center" is responsible for organizing the coordination of local universities, community training institutions, service outsourcing enterprises to develop service outsourcing personnel training,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], training and practical training, internships. All localities should strengthen the "Service Outsourcing Training Center", universities and training institutions of social policy support, training to take effective measures to enhance the quality of training personnel to meet the requirements of the service outsourcing enterprises. Universities and training institutions in accordance with the relevant standards of social conduct service outsourcing personnel training, training. Encourage service outsourcing business organizations and university students accepted internships and social practice. Ministry of Commerce and the Ministry of Education announced the service outsourcing enterprises regularly employed by various universities and training institutions, community college training, the number of students. Ministry of Commerce, the Ministry of Education in conjunction with relevant departments to establish service outsourcing talent pool, and the service outsourcing talent pool.
Fourth, adjust the specialty structure of the service outsourcing industry needs to adapt
Local colleges and universities affiliated with the technical expertise of computer science applied to talent to create the main objective, to vigorously develop service outsourcing talents. Model software colleges and demonstration Institute of Technology should develop the software service outsourcing talents as a very important task to complete, which model software colleges to train high-end outsourcing talent-based, promote China's service outsourcing industry in general innovation and enhance competitiveness. "China's service outsourcing model city," the various universities should be involved in the service outsourcing industry, outsourcing of professional services, additional professional direction.
Fifth, adopt flexible measures to develop service outsourcing talents
Service outsourcing industry, according to university involved in the professional features to take flexible measures, in accordance with international advanced technology and the globalization of ideas, explore various models for service outsourcing talents training. Can be created within the existing service outsourcing of professional direction, adding more service outsourcing programs. For the introduction of social training institutions to offer outsourcing programs. Service outsourcing enterprises can be moved forward to school to complete job training to help college graduates to work directly for posts.
Sixth, strengthen the work of Practical Training Students
"China's Service Outsourcing Demonstration City" set up "service outsourcing talents training center", according to the Ministry of Commerce and the Ministry of Education to develop and publish the relevant standards, found to meet the conditions of service outsourcing enterprises, social training institutions and universities as "outsourcing Students training practice base, "the quality of practical training to participate in practical training needed to be recognized by universities and companies. Colleges and universities to actively reform the existing practice patterns, and service outsourcing enterprises to formulate training programs, and common practice to guide students. To enter into school, business and practical training of students tripartite agreement to protect the legitimate rights and interests of students, practical training can not increase the financial burden of students. Service outsourcing enterprises to actively practice and work-study students to receive college. Ministry of Commerce, Ministry of Education, the service outsourcing enterprises to receive practical training college students to work as a service outsourcing model city an important indicator of the evaluation.
Seven universities and service outsourcing enterprises to deepen cooperation
Ministry of Education and the Ministry of Commerce will be invited to "China's service outsourcing model city" people's government, service outsourcing companies and universities, schools and enterprises set up outsourcing alliance, enterprises and universities to promote strategic cooperation. Relevant enterprises to participate in cooperative alliances and universities, in personnel training, product and technology development, and employment of college graduates to actively engage in multilateral and bilateral cooperation. All localities should strengthen the alliance's policy support. Cooperation to promote personnel exchanges, according to the consensus reached by schools and enterprises, encourage enterprises to the work of experienced professionals to send to school part-time, university teachers to service outsourcing enterprises to send attachment.
Eight, the establishment of teacher training courses outsourcing network platform
Ministry of Education will establish a network of service outsourcing platform for teacher training courses, take advantage of alliance companies and universities of high quality resources, to training teachers in service outsourcing programs. University teachers to attend training and attachment to the companies included in the workload of teachers.
Nine, and work hard for service outsourcing talents Employment
Should promote the development of service outsourcing industry to promote employment of university graduates highlight important position. Of commerce, education departments to promote service outsourcing according to an annual 200,000 college graduates nationwide employment goals, develop specific objectives in the region and the implementation of the program. Business departments should earnestly implement the relevant preferential policies, to strengthen guidance and services to encourage service outsourcing enterprises to absorb university graduates. Higher education administrative departments and extensive links to guide and attract outsourcing companies to conduct campus recruitment activities; enhance the employment guidance and information to guide, encourage college graduates to service outsourcing enterprises to employment. Service outsourcing companies and universities should make full use of the National Student Employment Service of three-dimensional platform for the outsourcing of network and other information publishing platform, timely release of relevant professional and college graduates in service outsourcing,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], service outsourcing enterprises to recruit college students to receive practical information and information to increase college graduates to employment opportunities of service outsourcing enterprises.
Ten, and increase outsourcing of financial support for personnel training
To encourage universities and service outsourcing enterprises develop service outsourcing talents. Accordance with the "State Council on the promotion of services outsourcing industry development issues, reply" (State Office 〔2009〕 9 letter) requirements, to meet the conditions of advanced technology service outsourcing enterprises, each hired a college education staff in Outsourcing of work and sign a labor contract for more than years, to give businesses less than 4,500 yuan per person per training support; training institutions that meet the requirements of training personnel engaged in service outsourcing business (college education), through the expertise and service outsourcing skills assessment, and sign and service outsourcing enterprises for more than 1 year labor contract, giving training institutions does not exceed 500 yuan per person per training support.
The education and business sectors in conjunction with the local demand for service outsourcing industry professionals,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], research universities in the region to support the introduction of service outsourcing industry personnel training policies, and promote regional international service outsourcing business continued, coordinated and orderly development.
Ministry of Education
March 18, 2009

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