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[National Science Development (2008) 172] Administ

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PostWysłany: Pon 9:40, 24 Sty 2011    Temat postu: [National Science Development (2008) 172] Administ

[State Administration of high-tech enterprise
Chapter I General Provisions
The first is to support and encourage the development of high-tech enterprises, according to the "PRC Enterprise Income Tax Law" (hereinafter referred to as "EIT Law"), "Implementation Regulations of the PRC Enterprise Income Tax Law" (hereinafter referred to as "implementing regulations") on regulations are formulated.
The term of the second high-tech enterprise means: in the "support of national key high-tech fields" (see annex), the continuous research and development and technological achievements, the formation of core intellectual property rights, and on this basis carry out business activities in China (not including Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan regions) up more than one year resident enterprise.
The third high-tech enterprise management should follow the prominent enterprises of the main, to encourage technological innovation, the implementation of dynamic management, adhere to the principles of fairness and impartiality.
Measures under this Article tech enterprises can be in accordance with the "EIT Law" and its "implementing regulations", "Tax Collection and Administration Law of the People's Republic" (hereinafter "Tax Administration Law") and the "Republic of China on Tax Collection Law Implementing Rules "(hereinafter referred to as" Rules ") and other relevant provisions of the application to enjoy the preferential taxation policies.
Article Science and Technology, Ministry of Finance and State Administration of Taxation is responsible for directing, managing and supervising the national high-tech enterprises that work.
Chapter II Organization and Implementation
Article VI of Science and Technology, Ministry of Finance and State Administration of Taxation to form a national high-tech enterprise management leading group (hereinafter referred to as "leading group"), whose main responsibilities are:
(A) to determine the management of the national high-tech enterprises that direction, consider the high-tech enterprise management reports;
(B) the coordination, determination and related policies are implemented to solve the major problem;
(C) the award in the high-tech enterprises that major controversy matters, supervising, inspecting the work to identify the various regions;
(D) work on high-tech enterprises that major problems of the region, rectification.
Article VII of the leading group office. Office in the Ministry of Science, whose main responsibilities are:
(A) to the high-tech enterprise management reports;
(B) organize the implementation of the management of high-tech enterprise certification examination;
(C) responsible for the high-tech enterprise qualification of experts work to identify the record management;
(D) establish and manage "high-tech enterprise network management";
(E) other duties assigned by the leading group.
Article VIII of the provinces, autonomous regions, municipalities, cities with independent planning administrative department of science and technology with this level finance and tax departments in the region composed of high-tech enterprise certification authority (hereinafter referred to as "recognized organizations"), under this approach to undertake the following tasks:
(A) responsible for the administrative area of the high-tech enterprises that work;
(B) accept the company's high-tech enterprise qualification review;
(C) is responsible for supervision and inspection of enterprises has been identified to receive, verify and process the report;
(D) high-tech enterprises that choose to participate in the work of the expert report to the Leading Group Office of the record.
Article IX qualified enterprises to obtain high-tech enterprise, it should be in accordance with the provisions of Article IV of this approach to the competent tax authorities for tax reduction and exemption procedures.
Enjoy tax reduction, tax-free high-tech enterprises, tax reduction and exemption conditions change, they shall be changed within 15 days from the date of the report to the competent tax authorities; no longer meets the tax reduction or exemption condition, shall perform the tax liability ; not to pay taxes according to law, the competent tax authority shall be recovered. At the same time, the competent tax authorities in the implementation of the process of tax incentives and found that companies do not have the high-tech enterprise qualification, should be brought to recognized agencies for review. During the review, may suspend the enterprises to enjoy tax exemption and reduction.
Chapter conditions and procedures
High-tech enterprises that Article shall meet the following conditions:
(A) China (excluding Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan) registered enterprises, nearly three years by independent research and development, the transferee, recipient, mergers and acquisitions, etc., or by more than 5 years of exclusive licensing of its main products (services) core technologies with independent intellectual property rights;
(B) of the products (services) are "supported by the state's high-tech fields," the scope of the provisions;
(C) have a university degree or above in science and technology personnel of the business year over 30% of the total employees, including corporate R & D accounts for the year more than 10% of the total number of employees;
(D) access to scientific and technological enterprises (not including the humanities, social sciences) of new knowledge, new knowledge and creative use of science and technology, or substantial improvement of technology, products (services) and ongoing research and development activities carried out, and nearly three fiscal years The total cost of research and development accounted for the proportion of total sales meet the following requirements:
1. The recent sales of less than 5,000 yuan a year business, no less than 6%;
2. The last year sales of 5,000 yuan to 20,000 yuan in business, no less than 4%;
3. The last year sales of 20,000 million yuan in business, no less than 3%.
Among them, the enterprises in China occurred in the total cost of the total research and development of research and development of the proportion of the total cost of no less than 60%. Registered established less than three years, according to the actual number of years of operation;
(E) high-tech products (services) revenue in the enterprise of the annual gross income of more than 60%;
(F) Corporate Research and Development Organization and Management, scientific and technological achievements transformation ability, the number of independent intellectual property rights, sales and total assets growth and other indicators in line with "high-tech enterprise management guidelines" (further development) requirements.
High-tech enterprises that Article XI of the procedures are as follows:
(A) self-evaluation and application for corporate
Company Login "high-tech enterprise management network", the control requirements specified in Article X of this approach, the self-evaluation. Considered to meet the determined conditions, businesses can apply to the certification bodies found.
(B) submit the following application materials
1. High-tech enterprise certification application;
2. A copy of business license, tax registration certificate (copy);
3. Intellectual Property certificates (exclusive license contracts), production approval, proof of new products or new technology (novelty) materials, product quality inspection reports, proof of provincial science and technology plan project, and other relevant evidence;
4. The number of enterprise employees, educational structure, and R & D accounted for the proportion of that enterprise employees;
5. By a qualified intermediary company for almost three forensic research and development expenses in fiscal situation of the table (the actual life of less than three years of the actual operating period), together with explanatory materials research and development activities;
6. By the forensic qualified intermediary companies recent financial statements for the three fiscal years (including balance sheet, income statement, cash flow, the actual life of less than three years of the actual operating period), and the table of technical income .
(C) compliance review
Recognized institutions should establish high-tech enterprises that assessors database; based enterprise application materials, selected experts, experts on the reporting enterprise database for review and determination of the State.
(D) found that publicity and for the record
Recognized agencies identified the enterprise. Certified high-tech enterprises in the "high-tech enterprise management network" on the public notice 15 working days, without objection, submitted to the Leading Group Office for the record, in the "high-tech enterprise management network" on the bulletin identified results and issued to the enterprise "printed by high-tech enterprise certificate."
Article XII from high-tech enterprise qualification certificates valid for three years from the date. Enterprises should be made within three months before the expiration of the application for review, or review an application for review does not fail, and its high-tech enterprise qualification expire automatically lapse.
Article XIII high-tech enterprises are required to submit the last three years to carry out a review of research and development and other innovation activities.
Review should focus on review of Article X (d) shall meet the requirements, in accordance with Article XI (IV) for publicity and for the record.
Review of high-tech enterprises through qualification valid for three years. Expires, the enterprise application again identified, according to Article Eleven of the regulations.
Article XIV of high-tech enterprise business, production activities, significant changes in technology (such as mergers and acquisitions, restructuring, retraining, etc.) should be determined within fifteen days to the administration reports; the changed conditions not in conformity with these Regulations, and shall year from the termination of their high-tech enterprise qualification; need to apply high-tech enterprises, according to the provisions of Article XI of this approach.
High-tech enterprise was renamed by the certification organization recognized by the publicity, the record re-issuance of certificate, number and validity period of the same.
Chapter IV Penalties
Article XV of the high-tech enterprises have been identified, one of the following circumstances, shall be disqualified:
(A) identified in the application process to provide false information;
(B) stealing, fraud and other acts;
(C) a major safety and quality incidents;
(D) environmental law, violations, punishment by the authorities.
Cancellation of high-tech enterprise qualification of enterprises, institutions in 5 years no longer recognized the admissibility of the identification of enterprise applications.
Article XVI in various high-tech enterprises that work undertaken by agencies and staff work to identify the fiduciary and compliance obligations and reporting information to identify business information confidentiality. Work-related high-tech enterprises that violate the requirements and discipline shall be treated accordingly.
Chapter V Supplementary Provisions
Article XVII of the original "National Hi-Tech Industrial Development Zone outside the Conditions and Measures for high-tech enterprises" (National Science angry [1996] No. 018), the original "National Hi-Tech Industrial Development Zone, Conditions and Measures for high-tech enterprises" (National Science angry [2000] No. 324), from the date of implementation of these measures to stop execution.
XVIII of this approach by Science and Technology, Ministry of Finance and Administration of Taxation explained.
Article XIX of Science and Technology, Ministry of Finance and State Administration of Taxation be formulated "Guidelines on the management of high-tech enterprise."
Diershitiao the way from 1 January 2008 onwards.

Attachment: key national support high-tech fields
First, the electronic information technology
Second, bio-medical technology and new
Third, the aviation and aerospace technology
Fourth, new material technology
Fifth, high-tech services
Sixth, new energy and energy-saving technology
VII, resources and environmental technology
Eight, high technology to transform traditional industries
First, the electronic information technology
(A) software
1, the system software
Operating system software technologies, including real-time operating system technology; small, specialized operating system technology; database management system technology; based on the general or special BIOS EFI system technology.
2, support software
Testing supporting environmental and platform technologies; software management tool suite technology; data mining and data presentation, analysis tool technology; virtual reality (including the Games) software development environment and tool technology; application domain-specific software generation environment and tool suite technology; module package, enterprise service bus (ESB), service binding tools such as software technology; for industry applications and related packaging technology based on software component library technology.
3, the middleware software
Middleware software, including: industry, business-critical applications, control; based on browser / server (B / S) and for Web services and SOA-based application server; for business process reengineering; support heterogeneous intelligent control of data transmission between the terminal and so on.
4, embedded software
Embedded graphical user interface technology; embedded database management technology; embedded network technology; embedded Java platform technology; Embedded Software Development Environment Construction Technology; embedded software layer in support of other key software modules R & D and generation technologies; for specific application areas of embedded software support platform (including: smart phone software platform, software platform, information appliances, automotive electronics, software platform, etc.) technology; embedded systems total solution technology research and development.
5, computer-aided project management software
For project planning, project management / product design, development, manufacturing and other processes used in software platforms or software tools. Include: model-based digital definition (MBD) technology, computer-aided product design, manufacturing and process software technology; product data for industry analysis and management software technology; work based on computer aided design software technology; product design and rapid prototyping manufacturing software technology; with industry-specific characteristics of computer-aided project management / product development tools technology; product lifecycle management (PLM) software technology; Computer Aided Engineering (CAE) software technology.
6, Chinese and multi-language processing software
Chinese and multi-language processing software is for the Chinese language (including Chinese and minority languages) and foreign languages in the development of identification, editing, translation, printing and other applications software. Including: based on intelligent technology and foreign language-recognition software technology; word classes (including minority languages) word processing software technology; linguistic theory based on the Chinese translation of advanced software technology; voice recognition software and speech synthesis software technology; integration of Chinese handwriting recognition, speech recognition / synthesis, machine translation and many other intelligent Chinese processing technology software technology; with multi-language cross-platform software application development environment and building technologies.
7, graphics and imaging software
Support multi-channel input / output user interface software technology; content-based image retrieval and management of graphics software technology; massive image data services based on software technology; interactive features can be measured with the computing power of the 3D software technologies; a realistic 3D models and 3D landscape generation software technology; remote sensing image processing and analysis software technology.
8, the financial information software
Financial information software is for the banking, securities and insurance industries such as finance innovative software services. Include: support for online financial, tax, library, transportation, customs, business networking software technology; management of the financial sector based on the theme of the data warehouse or data mart technology and its applications; the financial assessment of the financial industries, the rating software technology; finance a new service model of software technology.
9,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], geographic information systems
Network environment running multiple systems GIS Software Platform technology; based 3D/4D (ie with a time stamp) technology development platform for building GIS technology; component and mobile applications, technology, GIS software package.
10, e-commerce software
Web-based services (Web Services) and service-oriented architecture (SOA) environment and its e-business application integration software or suite generation tool technology; for electronic transactions or types of transaction processing services to support the platform, software tools or packages technology; support collaborative e-business applications software environment, platform, or tool kit of techniques; for desktop and mobile device applications, information search tools and services, software or technology; for e-commerce industry, software or tools for assessment technology; support the new trading patterns of software tools and application software technologies.
11, e-government software
Used to build e-government system or platform software components and tools suite technology; cross-system collaborative e-government applications software environment, the platform, tools and other technologies; emergency incident linkage system software technology; for e-government applications and mobile site regulatory audit software and tool technology; for e-government applications, work flow across business systems software technology; heterogeneous systems, exchange and sharing of government information under the software technology; for e-government applications, decision support software and tools technology.
12, enterprise management software
Data analysis and decision support business intelligence (BI) software technology; applications based on RFID and GPS technology of modern logistics management software; enterprise cluster collaborative supply chain management (SCM) software technology; personalized customer service for customer relationship management ( CRM) software technology.
(B) of the Microelectronics Technology
1, integrated circuit design technology
ICCAD own brand version of the tool optimization and enhancement of skills, including design environment manager, schematic editor, layout editor, automatic layout generation, layout verification and extraction tools and anti-standard; device model, parameter extraction and simulation tools, and other special techniques.
2, integrated circuit design technology
Audio and video circuit, power circuit towers, IC product design and development; ASIC chip development; proprietary high-end general-purpose chip, CPU, DSP and other development and industrialization; meet national standards, with independent knowledge property rights, focusing on supporting the whole integrated circuit products, 3G mobile terminal circuit, digital circuit television, wireless local area network circuit.
3, integrated circuit packaging technology
Small form factor has lead flat package (SOP), four sides leaded plastic flat pack (PQFP), plastic leaded chip carrier (PLCC) high density plastic in large-scale production technology, yield 99%; new package , including the use of thin set with packaging, plastic pin grid array (PGA), ball grid array (PBGA), multi-chip assembly (MCM), chip, flip chip (FlipChip), WLP (Wafer Level Package), CSMP (Chip Size Module Package), 3D (3 Dimension) and other packaging technology.
4, integrated circuit testing techniques
IC testing software varieties, including the wafer (Wafer) test and final test. Analysis of chip design verification testing software; improve the efficient use of integrated circuit test system hardware / software tools, design tools, automatic connection test.
5, the IC chip manufacturing technology
CMOS process technology, CMOS process technology, BiCMOS technology, and a variety of SoC technology with CMOS-compatible products, industrial technology; bipolar technology, CMOS process technology with BiCMOS processing technology; wide band gap semiconductor-based integrated circuit technology; power electronics Integrated Device Technology.
6, integrated optoelectronic device technology
High-power high-speed semiconductor lasers; high power pump laser; high-speed PIN-FET module; array detector; 10Gbit/s-40Gbit/s optical transmitter and receiver modules; for high data rate multi-mode fiber technology, optical transmitter and receiver devices ; non-linear optical devices; planar waveguide device (PLC) (including CWDM Mux / Demux, OADM drop multiplexing, optical switches, variable optical attenuator, etc.).
(C) computer and network technology
1, computer and terminal technology
Handheld and mobile computing (HPC, PPC, PDA); has a specific function end industrial applications, including finance, public security, taxation, education, transport, industry and civil applications, the set of information collection (including bar codes, RFID, video, etc.) , certification pay, and portable wireless connectivity features such as intelligent terminals; based telecommunications networks and / or computer networks such as intelligent terminals.
2, various types of computer peripherals technology
With independent intellectual property rights of computer peripherals, including printers, copiers, etc.; key components of computer peripherals, including printer cartridges, ink cartridges, ribbons, etc.; computer storage devices used in security, storage, mobile storage devices; based on USB technology , Bluetooth technology, technical standards IGRS various external devices and equipment; based identity management and strong authentication technology; based video, radio frequency identification technology.
3, network technology
Based on standard protocols (such as SNMP and ITSM, etc.) used in corporate networks and information services industry, private network management and network management software, including control software, IP business management software; ISP, ICP's value-added services such as software and application platform ; for businesses and households, the low-end wireless network equipment, including wireless access points, wireless gateways, wireless bridge, wireless router, wireless card, etc.; and compliant with the Bluetooth, UWB standard close (a few meters to ten meters ) wireless transceiver technology; to the IPv4 to IPv6 transition, the low-end network equipment and terminals.
4, spatial information access and comprehensive application integration system
Spatial data acquisition systems, including low-altitude remote sensing systems, precision navigation and positioning based on measurement and detection systems, PDA and mobile communications components with the integration of data acquisition equipment; integrated navigation and positioning application integration systems, including those based on "Compass" navigation satellite location-based applications of active / passive navigation and positioning equipment and public service systems; location-based services (LBS) technology platform; temporal database construction and application technology.
5, for the information technology industry and enterprise application systems
Integration of multiple means of communication, integration of enterprise information and communication technology; intelligent knowledge management; workflow, multimedia; SOA architecture based on the establishment of enterprise information integration applications.
6, sensor network nodes, software and systems
Industry-specific sensor network node, software or applications; sensor network node hardware platform and modules, embedded software platform and protocol software; sensor network node's network interface products, modules, software.
* Use OEM or CKD except for integrated production methods.
(D) communication technology
1, the optical transmission technology
Can be used for the new metro and access network equipment, optical transmission technologies, including: medium / low end of the new multi-service optical transmission equipment and systems; new optical access equipment and systems; new low-cost WDM transmission equipment and small system; optical transmission equipment in the new key module optical transmission system simulation, and other special software.
2, small access device technology
Conditions for domestic network and user access to specific application needs of small equipment and technology, including: various types of integrated access devices, a variety of Internet access devices (IAD); use of wireless access, power line access, CATV
Access to other industry-specific access device (including remote monitoring, etc.); other new small and medium sized integrated access devices.
3, the wireless access technology
Variety of modulation and can adapt to the complex environment of mobile communication using the wireless access technology, access equipment and its key components, including: broadband wireless access equipment, such as including base stations, terminals, gateways, etc.; protocol based on IEEE802.11, etc. base station and wireless LAN terminal equipment; IEEE802.16-based broadband wireless metropolitan area network protocol such as terminal equipment, systems and technology; all kinds of high-efficiency antenna terminal and special antenna technology and equipment; fixed wireless access equipment; a variety of wireless MAN equipment and systems, including enhanced WLAN base stations and terminals.
4, the mobile communication system supporting technology
For mobile communications networks, a series of supporting technologies, including: 3G repeater system (including antenna) equipment; for a variety of base station transmission equipment between the various interconnected; mobile communication network planning and optimization software and tools; base stations and RF antenna signal optical transmission equipment pull away; mobile communications network testing, monitoring, and analytical instruments, etc.; digital trunking system supporting technologies; other industries based on mobile communication networks supporting technology applications.
5 softswitch and VoIP systems
Based on the principle of packet switching systems and next-generation network equipment and technology, including: small and medium sized IP telephone systems and equipment; for specific industries and business applications, integrated VoIP-enabled call center systems and equipment; VoIP system monitoring and control technology.
6, Business Operation Support System
Network and resource management systems; settlement and billing systems; business management and performance analysis system; business analysis and decision support systems; customer service management system; service quality management system; all kinds of communications equipment test system; for the system group items, including various types of middleware.
7, the telecommunications network value-added business applications
Fixed network, 2.5G/3G mobile, Internet and other value-added business applications software, network technology, including: the comprehensive development of various value-added services platform; streaming media, mobile video telephony, mobile QQ, IPTV and other applications systems; based telecommunication network , the Internet and other value-added services and applications; based on P2P technology, all kinds of applications, including instant messaging system; network technology based on the existing value-added business platform; support network convergence and service convergence platform for value-added business applications and systems.
(Vi) new electronic components
1, the semiconductor light emitting technologies
Semiconductor light-emitting diode with wafer manufacturing technology, high growth and low high-brightness light decline of the wafer with high anti-static technologies, including: use of GaN-based epitaxial films / Si-based epitaxial wafers / sapphire wafer technology; semiconductor light-emitting diode production technology; efficient low-power high-brightness light-emitting diode failure of high anti-static technology; efficient high-lumen high-brightness low-light-emitting diode technology antistatic; semiconductor lighting with efficient long-life phosphors, thermal properties and good sealing performance matching packaging resins and heat sink materials technology.
2, the chip technology and integrated passive components
Complex network chip, chip EMI / EMP LTCC composite components and integrated passive components; chip high-temperature, high frequency, high-capacity multi-layer ceramic capacitors (MLCC); chip NTC, PTC thermistor and chip multilayer pressure Sensitivity resistance; chip high-frequency, high stability, high accuracy frequency devices.
3, the chip semiconductor device technology
Small, ultra-small leaded and lead-free products; low arc bonding, ultra-thin packaging related products;-power type leaded and lead-free products.
4, in the high technology mechanical and electrical components
Industry-standard ultra-small high-density connectors and high transmission speed; a new generation of communications relay, small size, high current, modular relays and solid optical MOS relay; high-fidelity, high sensitivity, low power electro-acoustic devices ; HDI Rigid-flex board, and other high-density laminate.
(Vii) information security technology
1, the safety evaluation of class
Network and system security performance testing and evaluation techniques; on the function of security products, performance, testing and evaluation, to meet the industry or users of security products from the evaluation of the needs of technology.
2, security management class
Centralized management with security, control and audit analysis functions such as integrated security management class technology; with security policy, security control measures, unified configuration, distribution and auditing of safety management class technology.
3, the security application class
Associated with e-government application security software and related technology; with electronic commerce security software applications and related technology; with the public information services related to application security software and related technologies.
4, the security infrastructure class
Operating system security-related support technology; database security management related support technologies; secure routing and switching equipment R & D and production technology; security middleware technology; trusted computing and identity authentication technology, and other related support.
5, network security class
Network attack protection technology; network anomaly monitoring technology; wireless and mobile security access technology; malicious code protection technology; Internet content security management technology.
6, special safety class
Password and Application Technology; security isolation and border protection technology exchange; shielding, and interference suppression class protection and electromagnetic emission leak detection technology; storage devices and media in the information protection, destruction and the use of storage media management technology; high security chip technology; security incident forensics and evidence preservation techniques.
* Market uncertainty, low repetition, and the simple introduction of technology categories of information other than security software and related products.
(H) Intelligent Transportation Technology
1, advanced traffic management and control techniques
Scalability of the signaling equipment for small and medium cities and control technology; can support multiple protocols on top of the bottom of the control system software technology research and development; transportation emergency command and management-related R & D and production equipment; network environment field traffic data integrated access equipment technology research and development and production; traffic incident detection and event management software technology research and development.
2, the transportation infrastructure information collection, processing equipment and related software technology
Microwave, passive infrared, laser, ultrasonic technology (without video) equipment, can be used to collect traffic volume, speed, cars, share, headway and other traffic flow parameters; vehicle inspection station equipment manufacturing hub traffic statistics and analysis techniques; for public services, dynamic traffic information integration, processing software technology research and development; transport infrastructure condition monitoring equipment, software development and production technology; inland ship traffic in automatic test equipment technology research and development.
3, advanced equipment and systems for public transport management technology
Bus Rapid Transit System (BRT) operations scheduling management system (including trucks, the roadside device) technology research and development; public transport (including large-capacity public transport) AFC system technology research and development, to be able to support the cash, credit cards, prepaid cards and other payment; medium-sized cities with public transport operating organizations, related equipment and dispatch management system technology research and development.
4, vehicle electronics and system technology
Receive data with real-time capabilities, and dynamic path planning function for local car navigation equipment development and production; meet the national standard electronic toll collection system technology research and development; vehicle safety driver assistance products and technology.
Second, bio-medical technology and new
(A) Pharmaceutical Biotechnology
1, the new vaccine
With independent intellectual property rights and has not been marketed at home and abroad, new and efficient prevention of major diseases, genetic engineering vaccines, including: prevention of epidemic respiratory disease, AIDS, hepatitis, hemorrhagic fever, flu pandemic, malaria, rabies, hookworm, Schistosomiasis and other human diseases and cancer, a new vaccine combined vaccine, vaccine production standard experimental animals, cells and bacteria and so on.
2, genetic engineering drugs
With independent intellectual property rights, for cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases, cancer, AIDS, hemophilia and other major diseases, genetic diseases, and other single-gene therapy of genetic engineering drugs, gene therapy, targeted drug, recombinant human albumin products.
3, the major disease gene therapy
For cancer, cardiovascular disease, neurological diseases, gene therapy and its key technologies and products with independent intellectual property rights of major diseases, gene therapy products, including: cancer, genetic diseases, autoimmune diseases, neurological disease, cardiovascular disease and diabetes, gene therapy products; gene therapy, drug delivery systems.
4, monoclonal antibodies and detection reagent products
For hepatitis, AIDS, schistosomiasis, human avian influenza, sexually transmitted diseases, infectious diseases and cancer, birth defects and drug abuse, early detection, diagnosis, monoclonal antibody reagents, food microbiology, biological toxins, pesticides, veterinary drug residues in single Cloning of antibody and kit; major animal and plant diseases, genetically modified organisms detection kits using monoclonal antibodies and hematopoietic stem cell transplantation separation, purification and detection of monoclonal antibody products required; anti-tumor and anti-epidermal growth factor monoclonal antibody drugs; monoclonal antibody drug research key technologies and systems; advanced preparation of large-scale integration of monoclonal antibody technology, processes and equipment; novel gene amplification (PCR) diagnostic reagents and test kits and humanized / gene engineering antibody .
5,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], protein / peptide / nucleic acid drugs
For major diseases - anti-tumor protein drugs (such as tumor necrosis factor), cardiovascular system, protein drugs (eg, plasminogen, recombinant thrombolytic), nervous system, protein drugs, in particular depression medication, Alzheimer's drugs, muscle and joint treatment of diseases of protein, and anti-viral drugs and other serious infectious protein research and industrial technology; various cytokines (such as erythropoietin, to promote human platelet growth factor, interferon, colony stimulating factor, interleukin, tumor necrosis factor, chemokines, transforming growth factor, growth factor) and other peptide drug development technology; anti-virus, anti-tumor and treatment of autoimmune diseases and related nucleic acid drugs and intermediates industry technology.
6, biochip
Major diseases, infectious diseases, genetic diseases, endemic diseases such as diagnostic chips, chips used in biological safety testing, research chip, chip, import and export inspection and quarantine, bio-chip data acquisition, processing and analysis equipment and software.
7, biotechnology, processing of natural medicine
Large-scale use of cell culture, bioconversion exploitation of biological resources and traditional Chinese medicine resources, including: large-scale animal cell culture, fermentation production of endangered, rare, scarce raw materials and medicinal plants and animals were separated bioactive substances extracted materials and new drugs and so on.
8, biological separation devices, reagents and related test kits
For genetic engineering, cell engineering, fermentation engineering, the production of natural medicines, drugs active ingredients such as separation of the high-precision, automation, procedures, and continuous efficient equipment and media, as well as for Biochemical Factory production devices, including : biology, medicine and the use of new and efficient separation media device; biology, medicine, membrane separation with a new and efficient components and devices; biology, medicine, new and efficient use of chromatography media and devices; biology, medicine, and devices with new fermentation technology; biological response and bio-separation process integration technology; biological, pharmaceutical research, production and detection reagents, kits and so on.
9, the new biotechnology
With a clear prospect of new biological technologies, including: the treatment of diseases for stem cell technology and gene therapy, drug development and biomedical RNAi technology; for biomedical research in nanotechnology; can improve the stability and half-life of peptide drugs, reduce the immunogenicity of peptide modification technology; marine biology.
(B) Chinese medicine, natural medicine
1, the new drug
With independent intellectual property rights, in line with the technical requirements of modern drug development of Chinese medicine, natural medicine, new drugs, including: from traditional Chinese medicine, natural medicine, extract the active ingredients, active fractions, and the newly discovered Chinese herbal medicine and Chinese herbal medicinal part, and preparation of new and so on.
2, the development of new varieties of traditional Chinese medicine
By the traditional Chinese medicine, natural medicine, the new compound made of famous Chinese medicine and folk medicine in the secondary development, and new varieties of traditional Chinese medicine delivery systems, including: transdermal preparations, slow speed control release agents, targeting agents, location agents, etc.; as traditional Chinese medicine Chinese medicine quality control standards necessary for the development and application technology.
3, traditional Chinese medicine resources
Rare and endangered wild animals and plants cultivation (aquaculture), breeding technology; rare and endangered species of wild medicinal substitutes and artificial products; meet the growing requirements specification and management of Chinese herbal medicines; traditional Chinese medicine to remove heavy metals and pesticide residues of new technologies, new product research.
(C) of the chemical drugs
1, the new drug
Innovative drugs with independent intellectual property rights, including: by means of synthetic or semi-synthetic drug raw materials obtained and its preparation; natural substance extracted or extracted through the fermentation of new and effective monomer and its preparations; with split or synthesis known methods of drug obtained in a single optical isomers and their preparations; been marketed by the multi-component drugs were prepared for the small group of drugs; new compound; new indication for existing drugs and so on.
2, cardiovascular disease treatment
Antihypertensive drugs; anti-coronary drug; anti-heart failure drugs; anti-clotting drugs; treatment of stroke and other drugs.
3, anticancer drugs
Invasion and metastasis of cancer cells of drug resistance; radiotherapy and chemotherapy sensitizing drugs; cancer chemoprevention and drug treatment for precancerous lesions; role in tumor cell signaling system, a new drug; other new anticancer drugs; cancer adjuvant treatment (including pain , antiemetic, and enhance immune function, tumor induced hypercalcemia, etc.) drugs.
4, anti-infective drugs (including antibacterial, antifungal,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], antiprotozoal drugs, etc.)
Macrolide antibiotics; cephalosporin antibiotics; atypical ��-lactam antibiotics; antifungal agents; quinolone antibiotics; tetracycline class of antimicrobial agents; hands of nitroimidazole antiprotozoal, anti-anaerobic drugs; polypeptide antibiotics.
5, geriatric therapy
Drug prevention and treatment of osteoporosis; Alzheimer's treatment drugs; treatment of chronic obstructive pulmonary disease drugs; prostatitis and prostatic hyperplasia treatment; Parkinson's disease therapy; constipation treatment drugs.
6, the spirit of the nervous system drugs
Suppressing anti-depressive drugs; anti-anxiety drug; psychiatric drugs; migraine drugs; children with attention deficiency syndrome drugs; epilepsy medicine.
7, family planning drugs
Female contraceptives; male contraceptives; after pill; anti-early pregnancy medicine.
8, treatment of major infectious diseases
AIDS treatment drugs; infectious hepatitis drugs; TB drugs; schistosomiasis control drugs; influenza, avian flu, SARS and other respiratory infectious diseases medicine.
9, the drug treatment of metabolic syndrome
Treatment of diabetes and its complications; lipid regulating drugs; fatty liver treatment; treatment of obesity drugs.
10, a rare disease drugs (Orphan Drugs) and diagnostic agents
Orphan drug; antidote; diagnosis of drug therapy (including X-ray, ultrasound, CT, NMR contrast enhancer, etc.).
11, chiral drug,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], and major process innovation drugs and drug intermediates
Chiral technologies (including: the split of racemic drugs, ineffective enantiomer synthesis technology transformation and biological transformation; inclusion and chiral separation of drug preparation techniques; chiral drugs Biosynthesis of technology; new hands of body design and synthesis; industrial asymmetric catalysis; by the sugar chiral pure natural compounds and their analogues in the development of technology; separation reagents,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], chiral auxiliaries, chiral analysis reagents, chiral compounds development and application technology, etc.); can greatly reduce the production cost of existing drugs a major process innovation; energy saving was a major process improvement; can greatly reduce environmental pollution, a major process improvement; the market needed to have greater export potential drugs and drug intermediates; improve drug crystal form of the major process improvements.
* Preparation of simple changes, except the species.
(D) Formulation and preparation of new technology
1, slow, controlled, immediate-release formulation technology - solid, liquid and compound
Control the drug release rate with ease, control, immediate-release formulation technologies, including: percutaneous absorption preparation techniques; injection of slow, controlled release formulations (reservoir-type long-acting injection) technology; oral (including sublingual) ease, control, speed release formulation technology; sustained-release pellets capsule (diameter of 5 ~ 250��m) preparation techniques; mucous membrane, cavity, ophthalmic, and other slow, controlled release formulations technology.
2, targeted drug delivery system
With lipids, proteins and lipids in biodegradable polymer composition as a carrier, encapsulated or embedded in the drug organization from all types of new targeted drug delivery systems, including: colon targeted drug delivery (oral) systems and technology ; heart and brain targeting drug delivery (oral, injection) systems and technologies; lymphatic targeting drug delivery (injection) systems and technologies; to achieve target level 2, level 3 targeting systems and pharmaceutical preparations technology.
3, the delivery of new technologies and new dosage forms of drugs
Efficient, quick, long-lasting, targeted drug delivery of new drugs, drug delivery nano-materials, new drug delivery technologies and equipment, controlled release, controlled release, transdermal absorption preparation technique, protein or peptide drugs in the oral preparation techniques. Including: nanotechnology, liposome technology, microcapsules release the new technology.
4, preparation of new materials
��-cyclodextrin derivatives, such as microcrystalline cellulose and silica powder preparation by solid materials, with a cover up the bad taste of drugs, improve the stability of photosensitive drugs to reduce the drugs on the gastrointestinal tract irritation in the specified area of drug such as the role of the release coating materials include: cellulose derivatives and acrylic derivatives, etc.; injection materials, which include: injection with ��-cyclodextrin derivatives, injectable injection bean lecithin and phospholipids. Controlled, sustained release oral preparations, mucosal drug delivery and targeted drug delivery formulations, ophthalmic drugs, medicinal skin drug delivery and other special accessories.
* Simple changes in dosage form and route of administration other than the technology.
(E) medical equipment technology, equipment and medical-specific software
1, Medical Imaging Technology
X-ray photographic imaging technology (high-frequency, IF), new high-performance ultrasound diagnostic techniques (color B-), functional imaging and molecular imaging imaging, image recognition and analysis of new systems and other new medical imaging technologies, including: electrical impedance tomography technology, optical CT technology.
2, treatment, first aid and rehabilitation techniques
New minimally invasive surgical instruments and supporting equipment; implantable electronic stimulation device; new first-aid equipment; types of interventional treatment technology and equipment; the treatment planning system as the core of digital precision radiation therapy and medical laser equipment.
3, electrophysiological testing, monitoring technology
Digital electrophysiological testing and monitoring of new equipment and technology; for hospital, community health, reproductive health services, as well as to new types of family-oriented non-invasive and minimally invasive detection and diagnosis techniques, monitoring equipment and rehabilitation equipment; high sensitivity, high reliability of new medical sensors and module components.
4, Medical Laboratory Technology
Automation and information reflect the biochemical tests of emergency equipment, routine biochemical analysis equipment, routine clinical testing equipment, and with a clear clinical value of new technologies, new technology, new methods or new materials, technologies and other medical testing equipment.
5, medical software, private network environment
Medical standardized language compiler and electronic medical record (EMR) system; electronic health records system; major diseases specialist clinical information systems; community health information systems and practical three-dimensional digital medical image post-processing systems.
* Mechanism is unclear, except products of uncertain efficacy.
(F) light industry and chemical industry of biotechnology
1, bio-catalysis
Important market prospects and Biocatalysis intellectual property rights, including: synthesis of fine chemicals for bio-catalysis; new and efficient use of enzyme catalysts and new varieties; new enzyme and cell immobilization and reactor; Chiral Chemical Biology synthetic chemicals; biological synthesis of peptide substances; a new type of biological activity of sugar and sugar alcohols.
2, the microbial fermentation technology
Strains and efficient fermentation engineering and metabolic engineering of new technologies, including: the production of new products, microbial fermentation and chemical modification of new products; microbial fermentation technology and new types of reactors; new feature selection method and microbial fermentation process optimization, control, new methods and means of using metabolic engineering to improve the level of the new method of fermentation; traditional fermented products, such as technological innovation and production of new technology; major fermentation products can improve resource utilization, reduce emissions of new technologies and cleaner production and crafts.
3, new, highly efficient industrial enzymes
To improve efficiency, reduce energy consumption and reduce emissions, a significant effect of the green chemical processing technology and new, highly efficient industrial enzymes, including: organic synthesis enzyme; textile industrial enzymes, detergent enzymes, food enzymes, the pharmaceutical industrial enzymes, feed enzymes, environmental protection, with the enzymes enzyme, enzyme technology and quality evaluation standards; biological activity of new materials; bio-energy use of new enzymes.
4, the separation of natural products active ingredient extraction technology
Can improve resource utilization, extracted from natural plants and animals in the preparation of active ingredients with high added value fine chemicals separation and extraction techniques, including: the separation of natural products extraction of active ingredients of new technologies; natural products total synthesis of active ingredients, chemical modification and deep processing of new technologies; separation of natural products with high added value of new products; efficient integration of separation and purification technology and equipment development and production; processing of raw materials from animal waste separation and extraction of active ingredients to further the new technology.
5, biological reaction and separation technology
Efficient bioreactor, high-density expression system technology, large-scale high efficiency separation technology, media and equipment, large-scale separation system and on-line measurement and control devices, genetic engineering, cell engineering and protein engineering products for separation equipment, bio-sensors and automatic control system of process parameters .
6, functional food and biotechnology applications in food safety
Assisted lowering blood pressure, blood pressure, reduce blood sugar functional foods; antioxidant foods; weight loss functional food; food aid to improve the old memory; features of traditional foods; and functional food active ingredients and functional detection of biological activity of state of the technology factor ; food safety, bio-detection technology.
(G) of modern agricultural technology
1, the fine new varieties of forestry plants efficient and safe production technology and quality
High quality, efficient and productive new varieties technology; water and fertilizer use in the new varieties of resource efficient technologies; resistant to insect pests, cold, drought, salinity and other stress resistance of new varieties of technology; new, environmentally friendly fertilizers and plant growth regulating agents and efficient security application of technology.
2 new varieties of aquatic animal breeding technology and health
New varieties of aquatic animal and rapid propagation techniques; rare animals, rare and aquaculture technology; animal husbandry, aquaculture farming technology and health patterns; animal husbandry and aquaculture and repair of environmental control technologies and models; safe, high quality, special, new type of feed and feed additives production and efficient use of technology; animal husbandry and aquaculture quality and safety monitoring, evaluation, testing technology; quality and scale of new varieties of dairy cattle, intensive feeding and management techniques.
3, major disasters, agriculture, forestry and animal disease prevention and control of plant technology
Plant diseases and insect pests of major rat infestation forestry, major droughts and other weather disasters, and forest fire monitoring, early warning, prevention and control of new technologies; major plant pests and resistance testing, diagnostic techniques; environmentally friendly pesticides, efficient and safe application and regional forestry Sustainable control of major biological disasters; major aquatic animal disease surveillance warning, prevention and control, rapid diagnosis, emergency treatment technology; potent animal diseases, zoonotic diseases of animal origin-specific and efficient vaccine production technology; efficient and safe new veterinary drug and technical quality monitoring technology.
4, deep processing of agricultural products and modern storage and transportation
Comprehensive development of agricultural industry chain and utilization of technology; resource conservation and comprehensive utilization of agro-processing technologies; agricultural classification, packaging and brand management; agricultural industrial chain management technology standardization; large green grain and oil storage and transportation, preservation of fresh agricultural products and logistics and distribution, agriculture, forestry Special resources for value-added products and processing, agriculture and forestry by-product utilization; deep processing of agricultural products and clean eco-processing technology and equipment; evaluation of the quality and safety of agricultural products, rapid detection, full quality control techniques.
5, modern agricultural equipment and information technology
New crops, grass, tree seed harvesting, cleaning and processing equipment; new farm operating machinery, facilities, technical equipment and efficient agricultural fertilizer, pesticide application machinery and equipment; new livestock and poultry, aquatic farming and large-scale forage, feed processing, forestry machinery and new agricultural produce processing technology and equipment; the agricultural production process monitoring, control and decision-making systems and technology; precision agriculture technology, remote sensing and crop production and rural information service system and technology.
6, the sustainable use of water resources and water-saving agriculture
Water conservation, water environment restoration, irrigation, non-conventional irrigation water use, water-saving and water efficient crops and other new technologies, new materials, new technology and new products.
7, agricultural biotechnology
New veterinary drugs and animal bio-bio-vaccines, bio-fertilizers, bio pesticides and bio-feed.
Third, the aviation and aerospace technology
1, the civil aircraft technology
Civil aircraft integrated avionics, flight control technology; safety and rescue techniques; civil aviation engines and key components; small, ultra-light aircraft (including unmanned aircraft) for the engine and major components.
* Unpowered glider exercise, trainer, etc. excluded.
2, air traffic control system
Civil aviation, satellite communications, navigation, surveillance and air traffic management systems (CNS / ATM) control workstation, CNS / ATM gateway system, air traffic flow management systems and automated control systems; advanced air traffic control airspace design and evaluation system, digital release (PDC) system, automatic terminal information service (D-ATIS) system, air traffic departure order decision support system, air traffic control surveillance data fusion system, an integrated system flight plan, ground-based augmentation system satellite navigation, automatic dependent surveillance system and multi-targeting systems.
3, a new generation of civil aviation security system running
New civil aviation comprehensive public information network platform, safety management systems, weather observation and forecasting system, airworthiness certification system; new advanced airport security inspection systems, automated transportation cargo and baggage inspection system, airport security system is running.
* General support information independent of the airport operation show that, except control equipment and instruments.
4, the satellite communication applications
Communication satellite ground user terminals, portable multimedia terminals, the uplink satellite ground systems, satellite ground stations and the use of differential release of new satellite communications technology (new agreement) is cost-effective ground communication systems, broadband / high frequency / laser satellite communication system; and satellite fixed communications services, satellite mobile communications services, television broadcast satellite service (satellite digital audio broadcasting) and Internet broadband access services through four business segments related to ground terminals and key supporting parts; precision ground terminals comprehensive testing equipment and systems.
* 3 semi-portable general purpose test instruments, such as the following exception.
5, the satellite navigation application service system
Enhance the application of satellite navigation and multi-mode service system (including the continuous observation network, real-time communication networks, data processing centers and public service platform), location-based information services, integrated service system and its application terminal (with the wireless communication network and the Global Navigation Satellite System Technology and indoor positioning technology), with navigation, communication, audio-visual and other functions of the vehicles, boats and other mobile information systems; personal navigation information terminal; compatible satellite navigation receivers; satellite navigation ASIC, SOC system, small embedded systems ; embedded software.
Fourth, new material technology
(A) of the metal material
1, aluminum, magnesium, titanium, light alloy materials processing technology
Environmental protection, energy saving new technology and new technology to produce high purity metal magnesium and high purity magnesium alloys and high strength, high toughness, corrosion-resistant aluminum alloy, magnesium alloy, titanium alloy material, and in the aerospace, automotive, information, high-speed trains and other industries application technology; large section, large hollow titanium and aluminum alloy sheet, magnesium and magnesium alloy casting technology of the liquid, magnesium, aluminum, titanium wire, sheet, strip, sheet (foil), castings, forgings, profiles, etc. series product processing and welding technology, processing and coloring forming technology, anti-corrosion technology and related equipment; precision die-casting technology to produce high-performance aluminum alloys, magnesium alloys and casting materials; titanium and titanium alloy and its low-cost production technology application technology, titanium and titanium alloy welded pipe production technology.
* High pollution and high energy consumption Pidgeon production of metal magnesium and magnesium alloy, the conventional aluminum alloy, imitation stainless steel and aluminum building materials, except general civil aluminum products.
2, high-performance metal alloy materials and special production technology
High-temperature alloy materials and advanced production technology civilian products; ultra-fine grain high strength, high toughness, high corrosion resistance of iron and steel production technologies; To improve the cleanliness of the steel material, uniformity, and fineness of tissue material properties, to improve the metallurgical industry resources, energy efficiency, energy saving, environmental protection, promoting sustainable development in the steel industry, supporting materials, components, manufacturing technology; high strength, high toughness, high conductivity, corrosion resistance, high wear resistance, high (low) temperature and other special steel materials, high temperature alloys, tool and die materials, manufacturing technology; Ultrafine rolling process of steel materials, advanced micro-alloy, high homogeneous slab, high clean steel smelting technology, high-strength heat-resistant alloy steel and the casting and forging technology and welding technology, high performance carbon steel, high strength low alloy steel, high strength steel, high-grade cold-rolled silicon steel production process; high-performance copper alloy materials (high strength, high conductivity, lead-free brass ) production technology, the use of forced transverse plastic deformation of metal forming process and the production of cold-rolled copper and copper alloy heat exchanger seamless high-fin tube technology; by continuous casting, alloy tube made of wire drawing technology.
* High energy consumption and high pollution "to be of steel" and the general construction steel, conventional casting, except for conventional machining.
3, ultrafine and nano powders and powder metallurgy technology of new materials
High purity powder, nano powder and multi-functional metal composite powder production technologies, including copper, nickel, cobalt, aluminum, magnesium, titanium and other non-ferrous metals and special materials, powder metallurgy iron-based alloy powder and sintering densification technology; by powder pre-sintered high-performance copper and other nonferrous metal diffusion into pre-alloy powder manufacturing technology; high-performance, special-purpose tungsten, molybdenum processing materials and application technology, ultra-fine grain size (nano-crystalline) alloy materials and high-end hard Alloy tool and other manufacturing technologies.
* Ultrafine tungsten powder and tungsten carbide powder and production of traditional crafts and products other than conventional powder metallurgy materials.
4, low-cost, high performance metal composite material processing technology
High pressure resistance, wear resistance, corrosion resistance, improve electrical conductivity, thermal conductivity, and so has many obvious advantages of metal and composite materials and structures of the new system, the heat exchanger with copper and aluminum composite pipe new technology; low-density, high strength, high elastic modulus, fatigue-resistant reinforced, fiber reinforced aluminum matrix composite materials industry of the molding processing technology and low-cost production technology, high-performance enhancer.
* Plastic composit

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