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moncler outlet People fear the government should d

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PostWysłany: Śro 19:02, 19 Sty 2011    Temat postu: moncler outlet People fear the government should d

People should be afraid to be afraid of the official

Time, the result would be punished mercilessly. In recent years, senior officials of the phenomenon of crime should attract our attention. Senior officials in power to dominate the party, it is easy to lose sense of fear. Are the carrier of corruption, in the case of pre-loaded from the loss of subjective fear, only wonder why not corrupt! Officials have fear,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], fear of party and government discipline, law and punishment, fear of an officer is not for the people, fear of falling behind the times; political parties must also have fear, fear of corruption and the loss of power, fear of water overturn it. I'm also a size of government, often fear, fear to live up to the organization culture, fear of a young and old to live up to the trust. With this fear, the courage to resist corruption, fulfill their duties, keeping oneself clean. Comrades have said, eat only three meals a day no matter how good, no matter how well just stay asleep bed. Comrades warned that requires us to think often victims of greed, often abandoned unnatural. The source of greed is a curse, the desire for power, wealth like, lust makes a man lust; unnatural is a curse of the spark, flash will read the unnatural lust ignited the fire, burning may ruin: China's accession to the WTO,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], international exchanges and cooperation between the more frequent, ideology and way of life in Western countries, will further influence our thoughts and lives. Western countries, the domestic money worship the traditional feudal thought and consciousness are intertwined,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], will become the domestic corruption diverse and complex, anti-corruption task more urgent and difficult. The Party and state cadres, in the new situation to be more consciously tell right from wrong, according to have not been touched. Huaikang heart of self-discipline, and often repair the virtue of politics. Self-discipline is only just greed, but had to continue to self-learning and adaptation, to establish a correct concept of the pursuit of life and power. Firm conviction in socialism, firmly take the socialist road with Chinese characteristics, confidence, and unswervingly uphold the Party's basic theory, basic line, basic program has been placed in the mass self-discipline also be bound by the system constraints and the constraints in the masses The best way is to put their own thoughts and actions under the sun, open and impartial administration, and let the people see clearly, and consciously accept the supervision of the masses and criticism, institutional constraints have democratic centralism and magic of our party, This is my party's principles of organization and leadership? often repair the virtue of politics, leaders need to do set an example of democratic centralism, to handle the relationship between the individual and the collective: In many cases the perpetrators point of view, their problems are out In this place they are the even the basic virtue in politics does not pass. Therefore, it is necessary to explain the first person after work, do first after the official issue, but some people is to become an official work and life, one an officer, just a few kilometers to heaven. The first officer to transform itself into a person of high moral character, work for the party for the people who have good morality, unity and innovation spirit, can mobilize people to promote the party's cause. All our cadres, must start to focus on officers up to concentrate up to open up development. Always remember the people in fear, often the difficulty of solution commoner, is our human duty. Style Building of the starting point and goal is to make the most of our Party always represents the fundamental interests of the majority of the people,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], the masses, bearing in mind the interests of the people in mind, think what they are thinking, worry about the people's needs, more power for the people and good things practical. The majority of the people to get the endorsement and support, must have strong ideological and work style. Excellent style of thinking from the in-depth research to understand the real situation, courage to persist in seeking truth from facts and scientific attitude. Last year, the province's poverty statistics, sad to say I am realistic. In order to start all over are interested in performance and poverty reduction the number of children from poor families to implement the policy of miscellaneous books, so cover up the contradictions exposed. Although the final proper solution of this problem, but it shows how important ideological style construction, must not order to save face, to performance at the expense of the interests of the masses. To establish promote hard work, vigorous and resolute, pragmatic style of work,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], down to earth to do ~ something into one thing. Only thinking style, work style and work to implement the action of More articles related to topics:

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