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UGG ブーツ Ideological and pol

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Dołączył: 14 Lis 2010
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PostWysłany: Pon 19:12, 24 Sty 2011    Temat postu: UGG ブーツ Ideological and pol

To pay attention to ideological and political work,

To serve economic construction, and infiltration of the economic construction. By grasping the legal system to promote economic, so the legal system will have infinite vitality. The Can be seen 3. With the reform and opening up and modernization construction of the development, in particular the establishment of socialist market economic system, more need to attach great importance to the legal system. This is because in a sense, the market economy is the legal economy, strengthen the legal system is a necessary requirement within the market economy. Market economy, the diversification and the autonomy of the market economy, contractual, competitive, open, international, and the need for macro-control and other features, require the rule of law as a guarantee, which makes the legal system to speed up the development of a strong face requirements. Therefore, the situation must change and the inherent requirements of market economy development task and legal system, to meet the market demand of economic development, economic development and legal system to achieve simultaneous development. (Editing responsibility: Chai Song) (Continued from page 86) First, talk about the truth. People are tired of big air-cooled things off on the growing rejection of dogmatism and formalism. This requires ideological and political workers must follow the To eliminate the main ideas ancestors - do not ask to be taken for granted indiscriminate, made comments, as directed, playing the authority, to the masses on the equal status, intention to listen to soul to communicate, so that the two sides to open communication, tell the truth, it reflects the love, people warm heart and broad mind. Only in this way, people will trust you and accept you and understand you. People only believe in you,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], will accept your argument and ideas, the organization will understand the plight and difficulties. Ideological and political work is the starting point and basis for telling the truth. The second is to do practical things. Affect people's initiative because, in addition to part of an ideological understanding of issues, but in many cases, people's ideological problems cited by the real problems out. These practical problems are not resolved, very difficult to solve ideological problems. Ideological problems of the workers, to carefully analyze the reasons, we must see the spiritual needs of the reasons for employees, but also see their material needs reasons. For example, the material needs of the college staff of specific issues, on the one hand to educate staff to correctly understand and deal with these contradictions, the other party, to help staff solve practical problems, to their teaching, research, training and development to create the conditions , ideological and political work to do work and solve practical problems, each faculty will be warmth to the heart tissue. For the moment difficult to solve specific problems,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], but also patiently explained to the staff, indicating the prospects for workers with confidence and hope, and to create conditions to resolve them. Organic carrier of ideological and political work is to do practical things. Third, the requirements of effectiveness. Over the years, the ideological and political work is extensive, and inclined to pursue the expansion of the number and size to create the momentum to win, for the effect of the few people interested, so that in many people's eyes,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], the ideological and political work is air-and play virtual,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], not actual results. To change this situation, ideological and political work must be achieved from extensive to intensive changes, with emphasis on ideological and political work in the pursuit of quality and efficiency. Measure the effectiveness of ideological and political work has two main criteria. The first criterion is to improve the quality of people. The human factor is the most fundamental factor in the development of society to the nation to prosper, to grow the organization, and ultimately depends on improving the quality of people. Ideological and political work is to improve people's quality as a strategic, global and fundamental objectives. For example, college students to measure the effectiveness of ideological and political work, the key is to see whether your students develop a higher overall quality, in the fierce competition in the community can stand and win. The second criterion is the unit of social and economic benefits increase. Solve all problems in China, ultimately rely on the development of advanced productive forces,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], not to solve people's ideological and practical problems are also possible. Ideological and political work is to service the development of productive forces, ideological and political work should also be out of productivity. Therefore, a unit of how effective ideological and political work, the ultimate measure is whether it has achieved this unit for a good social and economic benefits. The ultimate end result of ideological and political work is to ask the results. (Editing responsibility: steady advance)
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