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tory burch sale Northeast China Ethnic folk cultur

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PostWysłany: Czw 19:54, 20 Sty 2011    Temat postu: tory burch sale Northeast China Ethnic folk cultur

Northeast China Ethnic folk culture in the snow

Also has exchange value, which can meet people to enjoy the spirit as ice and snow boarding arts strode the stage of market economy. U is the other special means of modern technology applied to ice and snow art, art of riding the high-tech ice rising to unprecedented heights spacecraft, the rapid increase of its economic value. Ice and Snow Festival in Harbin as an opportunity to Harbin Ice and Snow Festival 1985 organized the first scientific and technological achievements, new products, trade fairs, turnover 160, about 200 million turnover. The second festival in 1986, trading volume soared to 2. I billion yuan. Beginning in 1994, Harbin Ice and Snow Festival started during the internationalization of economic activities, officially named Since the seventeenth session of 2001, as many international organizations and national ministries Ski Council, the Heilongjiang Provincial People's Government to participate, Harbin Ice and Snow Festival has been fully developed into an international festival. (B) of the ice and snow tourism market development. Along with economic development and social progress, participate in skiing and other snow and ice skating entertainment, sports activities have become more and more people's enjoyment of life, become a hot tourist item. In particular, the sudden emergence of the ski tourism is, in Heilongjiang from 1999 Pearl Ski Group invested 280 million yuan to build two Dragon Pearl Ski Resort officially opened, Harbin International Ski Club was established, marking the leisure and entertainment of ski tourism really began, now more than a hundred ski country, the Northeast to have passed a hundred, but only a province of Heilongjiang had eighty or so. Ice and snow culture related to the Northeast has brought huge economic benefits industry,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], railways, highways, civil aviation, hotels, restaurants, retail Needless to say, selling ice and snow tourist souvenirs is another bright spot, such as ski equipment, ski clothing,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], snow prints, ice cold beer and named, crystal and optical glass imitation ice all round popular souvenirs. V. Northeast Ethnic Folk culture has great potential for snow now, the China Jilin provinces in Northeast particularly black ski numerous, but almost a taste, the lack of ethnic and folk characteristics. Folk culture from the snow, only to be further promoted to national folklore. Perhaps this is our party that Otherwise, blindly to the I think we should in some modern ski field to carry out some ages, authentic ethnic folk winter sports. Older generation of well-known scholar of folklore and tourism is already talked about Traditional ice ages many items, such as: authentic by the real dog, cow, horse sledge, Russian horse-drawn sleigh ... ..., especially for children, such as put sledge, kicking snow slider, support the ice vehicles, supporting single-board (also known as leg donkey, a sliding bar, squatting, double-pole support of the ice car),[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], playing Ga (also known as pumping ice monkey) ... ..., even when ordered to name ski travel headaches Souvenirs of the business, but also a great need for the introduction of folk elements, such as the introduction of a number of national traditional equipment, accessories, such as the Oroqen people beautifully embroidered leather gloves roe, roe deer, children's scalp cap, the different nationalities in winter clothing, small appliances and other civil snow, and its market will thus have a difference. Above space is limited, temporarily more redundant, in fact, there are many more Northeast simple and easy to operate, viewing in strong, low investment and high return, quick snow national folk culture material in the production and processing,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], tourism, service industry extensive use, the snow industry for the development of Northeast China has brought vigor and vitality,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych]! �� [
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