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Once loved each other's mercy ~ ~ ~

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PostWysłany: Sob 15:25, 26 Mar 2011    Temat postu: Once loved each other's mercy ~ ~ ~

once, he and she were lovers. They had very much in love, in the best years, they are each unique, they promise to stay with each other, to love in the end.
However, as the best of a show, halfway out of the accident, they scattered the field, he said, forget it, we split it.
She refused points, dead wrapped abuse fight, let him compensation for his youth. Ah seven years, from Sentimental youth to now, how could finish on the end? So she went to his flat to find him, smashing his glass, smashing his car. He does not love it, and it benefits the woman metamorphosis, he said: Do not torture love.
her to not give up.
first suicide, fortunately, was found blocked. Later, she thought, as, kill him. Because he once said that if one day I held you, you come to kill me, look at it, imagine the way to kill him, suddenly felt sad, she really willing to start it? So, those days, she has been struggling. Do not even work.
She is a doctor, every night shifts, sometimes Spiritual trance, and once, she had to give a patient the wrong medicine, almost out of medical malpractice.
Even so, she still did not restore his heart.
few months later, she and he met. This is a case like no one has thought of, no one thought he would have appendicitis, he was sent at midnight, just her duty.
his pain close your eyes, she saw his look of pain, and my heart bursts of pain. They said she had a good time, if one day you're sick, I'll give you an operation would certainly shake my hand because I'll hurt you through this.
never thought of it becomes a reality. He looked at her, almost a little pleading, I hurt, I hope you can help me. She always thought I hated him, they thought it would pain killers, did not expect the pain when he would follow her pain and her command of a hurry, quickly pushed him into the operating room.
that she personally gave him to do surgery. Surgery is really shaking her hand, anesthesia, she has calmed down, she thought of himself first as a doctor [link widoczny dla zalogowanych], and then is his former lover.
operation was into the public, she made operating table, she found his clothes all wet, out of the operating room, and she never looked back, because she found themselves out of the operating room the moment to burst into tears.
the original, is once loved each other's mercy. She thought would forever hate to hate [link widoczny dla zalogowanych], not love she thought the other party to not hate what is bad, even if given the chance he will not let go of revenge, but she did not think, when he was really weak , when he needed her help, she still had to come forward, and that of their own treatment had a compassionate love. They say love is a team of stars, it has become a stranger to the star of a sudden the enemies attack each other, the results of four Liangbai fear of injury.
him her door, my door will hurt each other after breaking up? He replied, I will not. She thought she would [link widoczny dla zalogowanych], the original, he would not ? ? What gives you the opportunity was not in for the kill? She answered, because the loved, so compassionate. He heard the soft shed a tear. He, too, ah, because the loved, so she Zainao, so even if she Zainao, even though she said that then he should die, he did not hate him>
they understand, because the loved, because over into each other's heart, so the tongue can not hurt each other close.

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