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My love!

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PostWysłany: Sob 15:27, 26 Mar 2011    Temat postu: My love!

I have given you !

on the morning of my evening night, dragged his exhausted body, numbness, standing in a crowded queue card!

hee hee

the clear burst of laughter, woke my sleepy ears! I looked

tracks the sound! Around a lovely girl, being naughty to jump the queue behind me!

innocent smile! The clear voice! Face of small pits, like the general you want to cover her veil Chu Chen's beautiful!

I stayed!

she was naughty to start a grimace, and I know what to do for a time!

she did not feel my strange, so cute with her petite body to push behind me!

I quickly take a step forward, set aside for her place! She stood behind me.

made me and my legs screamed in front of people! I scared away the apology with his feet!

Then I found myself a reason to strike up to the girl.

I turned with a smile and said to her, Qiazhao waistline, bulging breasts, Duzhuoxiaozui said, She continued to move forward, grabbed my arm, opened her Yingtaoxiaokou bite to go!

I actually did not resist, even innate reflex is also out of order!

her mouth out of my arm. Looked at two rows of red teeth marks, I can be called up.

I am actually in the barely disguised pleasure, she bit me, she

Since then, I would note her!

I began to approach her on purpose!

I secretly took her with her phone number sent to my phone.

I did not tell her my phone number. I started up with a phone chat with her!

Yinya biting me in her eyes, kill me when she cried Qieqie Pig.

my phone, real close to her two roles together!

day she read my cell phone and see my phone signature.

she sent messages asking

suspected I was scared of her! Quickly said no. To make her believe that I told her.

Pig is my buddy. She believed. I continue my dream!

one afternoon [link widoczny dla zalogowanych], I learned from the mouth of her friend, she has a boyfriend. Suddenly my heart hurts!

I am suspicious, as if everyone around her away from me!

I tentatively asked her friend, and said to the boy after him, the boy said no, I do not worry , and malicious destruction of a statement

mind the image of her boy!

I'm afraid! Never had the fear hit me! I started to think is not going to leave!

Pig send a message to her, I said I'm in too deep I'm afraid!

she understood. She asked me, we can not be friends?

me back information. No, I can not be friends with you [link widoczny dla zalogowanych]!

day she did not work, I better hurry! The reality of me, one side

side of the anxious search for her figure, and ultimately could not find her!

night to see her online. I can not help letting Pig asked her.

She said she was sick, headaches. I panicked! I said I want to see her!

Later, she agreed. We arranged to see the flyover.

She said that we were going on in the half bridge. I did not like that I am very anxious.

I am anxious coming up to her, beckoning to her!

She looked at me eyes wide open, We chatted on the bridge, telling stories, talking about feelings, confession!

after the walk with us [link widoczny dla zalogowanych], I led to her hand! I told her I would not let go!

then one day, I went to her home. She said to me, can not continue.

I cried, I go to confession with her! She cried.

I hugged her, I kissed her and we hugged.

I find it to their own reasons. I love her! I care about her! I want to have her!

I could not control myself, I want her! It was my first time!

passion later, she told me that she hates me forever!

my eyes blurred, heartache

if I do not so selfish! If I am not so rash! If I just quietly guarding her! With her!

quietly keeping everything her bit by bit! Maybe we can continue to I could go on dreaming!


my love! I have given you! I lost my love!

Pig I waiting for you!

(Editor: end)

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