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ghd deutschland Mixed impact on the domestic finan

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PostWysłany: Wto 12:38, 18 Sty 2011    Temat postu: ghd deutschland Mixed impact on the domestic finan

Mixed impact on the domestic financial sector

Risk people, will be part of the social benefits of risk management report for publicity, and to improve social benefits. Second, the mixed operation is conducive to financial innovation, financial institutions,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], financial innovation, including innovation, financial service innovation, innovative financial instruments. Mixed conducive to innovative financial institutions is a typical example of the emergence of financial holding companies. {According to the U.S. Financial Services Act 1993 \Financial holding company is established by a non-financial institutions. It is holding the securities, banking, insurance and other financial companies. The securities, insurance, and banking company shall not penetrate itself or its subsidiaries in the form of other industries. Financial holding company in the financial risks plays an important inhibitory transmission in the establishment of subsidiaries, together with the risk of a firewall. When a subsidiary signs appear when the financial risk. Financial holding company will use its power to help power and other subsidiaries of the subsidiary through. Such a mother of many children, \parent or the subsidiary cash flow problems are not flexible, which enhances the parent and the subsidiary's market competitiveness. the subsidiary although it can not directly tie back to the customer one-stop \subsidiary of the \Reflected in the financial service innovation on financial asset securitization. Financial Asset Securitization refers to a group of financial institutions, illiquid financial assets after a certain set of units, so that the group of assets that generate stable cash income. Coupled with the appropriate credit guarantee. This group of assets that generate future cash income right into circulation in the financial markets, higher credit ratings of bond securities. Operation of financial assets in the amount of assets related to sale of a financial company (bank-based), the underwriters sell this asset (mainly investment banks) and the provision of credit guarantee security companies. Separate operation in the strict conditions, it is impossible to achieve. Securitization of financial assets to sell its assets for financial institutions. Can be stripped of bad assets, less alkali loss,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], balance sheets, and as much as possible to benefit from the sale of the sale of assets of financial institutions can also use this part of the asset sale proceeds to invest again, then this part of the securitization of financial assets. This repeated cycle, the financial institution can maintain its balance sheet structure remains unchanged, to maximize profits from financial assets available for sales organizations underwriting fees, as this promises the seller does not match with its assets, the sales from credit institutions guarantee institutions guarantee compensation = Based on the precautionary principle, the sale of assets can be a rigorous assessment, it can also be obtained from the guarantee fees, assessment fees. Securitization of financial assets at risk in the financial institutions and investors involved in the spread, the risk to a minimum,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], and each participant to obtain the corresponding income. Securitization of financial assets decreased the risk of the entire financial industry. Improve the profitability of the entire financial industry, resulting in a \Investment in financial instruments, refer to connect innovation policy appears. Investment policy is connected to connect the insurance designed for the investment policy. Investment linked insurance is a subject to insurance protection functions and investment functions connected personal insurance. Premiums paid by the insured person is divided into two parts, two separate accounts. An account is a general account for insurance coverage; another account, in particular the account. Investment. When a loss of insurance coverage, the insurer for insurance payments under the ordinary account or special account of the receipts of the payment with the investment of the funds on this account changes in circumstances. Show a profit when the investment part of the funds in the allocation of the insured and the insurance world; such as a loss,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], borne by the insured. Shao a corresponding reduction of the Special Account funds (this would not occur.) Image with the following formula can be expressed on the distribution of funds: x = x1 ten Y = Y (x) Z = z (x2) x ... the insured to pay premiums) (1 ... General account Special account funds of funds x ... Y ... the insured amount of insurance available to pay z ... Peifu or insured investment income available to half of the insurance and securities products linked. _r embodies the insured amount of life insurance the insurer characteristics associated with tolerance,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], but also Securities and investment income reflects the characteristics of the uncertainty of investment linked insurance to meet the insured's insurance needs and investment demand will help increase the profitability of insurance companies. expanded the money supply of the securities market. l Editor: White Thunder l
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