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Cooperatives for farmers to meet the rules of proc

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Dołączył: 10 Sty 2011
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PostWysłany: Pią 6:50, 21 Sty 2011    Temat postu: Cooperatives for farmers to meet the rules of proc

Person in charge of agriculture cooperatives, Yang Yun Nantang standard, said the training has been since last November, Nantang villagers have been able to learn and use the CD leadership is to see leadership wink) and good old culture (who is not offended), it is difficult to solve. But the
meeting is a big problem

opening introduction when the Yuan Tianpeng Robert Rules of Procedure, the uncle aunt around a moment, however, some people say: p>
Yang Yun ah marked that they meet in rural areas often have three questions. First, the stray: what you say Jet Li, I wander Pig and not a side of the run. Second, the one-man: Who is to brawl Wow talked on a talk to all his talk about it. Third, the barbarity controversy: a discussion of the problem, say so and so your character can not. Hundred words in a word to seize and hold people, and even fight.
how to solve the difficult problem of the meeting, someone introduced him to study in the United States Yuantian Peng. The Yuan Tianpeng brought a Yuan Tianpeng pain after returning to the incompetence of the Chinese people to meet, set up a company dedicated to promote the rule from the British Parliament, Robert Rules of Procedure.

how to resolve argument, barbaric attack the problem? Turnip cabbage host the first rule of neutrality, for the sides of the debate moderator, to avoid both direct debate. Statement that the two sides to the host, rather than challenge each other. There must be a show of hands rose to speak, through these actions, you can first stabilize emotions; number of times each statement there are provisions to allow everyone a chance; host to master the principles of balance, one speech, sure to make the other speak.
Tuotang delay time can not speak, can not be forcibly asked to speak, others can not be interrupted when speaking, because this is prohibited by the rules. There is not carried out on other people's moral judgments of personality.
Yuantian Peng said that the name can not be moral people to doubt the motives behind the deeper philosophy. Motivation is not confirmed by the one thing; Second session is not to be considered a person, but something of the suspicion and expose the motives of the subject itself is off; third, self-interest of the common human nature, accusing the motives of others is meaningless in itself, not only can not solve the problem, but increased conflict.
wanted to be a good person,
Yang Yun mark wrote: In our rural areas, meeting a vote is a big problem. There are two main problems: one is with the proposal,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], most people do not oppose,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], nor support, because the face, scared to sinners, so more than abstaining. Another is that some people speak first, three supported the meeting to vote on the one-sided, large slide along. Even the disapproval of a bad posture will not say a word to see. Less able to insist on personal opinions. Slipped along, how big do? Turnip cabbage clever design rules. This balance of voice to use to solve the rotation, so there are one-sided situation.
meeting old stray Editor's Note?
to stray from the rules of procedure, asked in the debate, first position, to say the reasons. At first, Yang Yun label does not understand how I would like to say how to say, why. Later that makes sense, because the Chinese people are always scared to sinners, a speech is always the first pull away, to talk about the reasons, the last point to say who I support. Some tend to go around here, to speak at a duly appropriateness posts. This efficiency is very low. Say their arguments, can improve the efficiency is not beside the point. According to the But the host can not comment on the chair, can not sum up other people's speech.
Article II: The meeting discussed the content should be a clear motion, the motion must be specific, clear, actionable recommendations for action.
Third: who should raise their hands who preferred to speak, but speak to get permission of the chairperson, to stand up, speak to others can not be interrupted.
Article: facing the host as much as possible to speak, between different views to avoid a direct face to face speech.
Article: each person to speak for no more than two minutes each to speak for no more than the same move twice,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], or we can live requirements.
Article VI: Discussion of issues can not be beside the point, the moderator should interrupt stray remarks.
Article VII: the host to interrupt the person speaking violation, the person shall be suspended to be interrupted to speak.
Article VIII: Investigators should be possible, contrary to the opinion of the two sides take turns to get the opportunity to speak, to maintain balance.
IX: A spokesman for or against should first show, and said reasons.
Article: No personal attacks, only sake of discussion.
Article XI: Only the host can be brought to a vote, can only wait until the number of statements have been exhausted, or no one think about the floor,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], in order to draw votes. If the host has the right to vote, should the final vote. Prevent hold thick legs.
Article XII: first call in favor of the party host should raise their hands, then please raise their hands against the side. But do not you abstain side raised their hands.
Article XIII: When the party than the opposition in favor, motion carried. Tie did not mean too.
Robert Rules of Procedure

the rules comes to meeting the world I am afraid you can not beat a big American rules. They have a thick meeting rules - It is unique in the world. It is written by Henry Martin Robert, published in 1876, after several revisions out of the tenth edition in 2000. Robert Rules of Procedure of the content is very detailed, inclusive, have a special chairman of the meeting about the rules, there are rules for the Secretary of the Conference, of course, a large number of participants is about the general rules, there are different views put forward and for the expression of rules, the debate rules, there are very important voting rules under different circumstances.

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