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7-year-old girl cartoons earned 2,000 yuan monthly

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PostWysłany: Sob 6:19, 26 Mar 2011    Temat postu: 7-year-old girl cartoons earned 2,000 yuan monthly

LIU Hui-fang said that in 2008 they went to Wuhan, to live in her husband's staff quarters within the sub-units. Each day the children came back from school, like graffiti on the wall, and left many fingerprints. To make The children were encouraged to add some things around in the fingerprint into one doll.

2010 New Year's Day, the child's first piece of fingerprints, a newspaper cartoon published in Wuhan. Next year, the mother and daughter's work, more and more involved in the daily lives of interesting content is at home. New Year's Day 2011,
daughter likes to draw, especially like the comics.

text / intern reporter Weng Xiaobo Luo Jiajia
LIU Hui-fang introduced, together with the royalties, and will be published in comic books written by royalty, the daughter can get at least 2,000 yuan a month. At present, the mother and daughter are working together to paint a book called Mode of cooperation is still the same: his daughter is responsible for painting, my mother is responsible with the text, the father is responsible for
for her daughter's future, LIU Hui-fang said that was necessary to draw the main, but not Very relaxed couple of children, job wrong wrong, as long as she happy like.
Zhang Ningxin in the painting, there is always the butterfly painting bigger than flowers, asked why, the answer, stories. Play the guessing game idiom [link widoczny dla zalogowanych], my mother always guess, because the child said that many idioms are self's.

This is the creativity, our current education is the most need.

students as young as 7 years old, had to cook a well-known comic magazine columnist, at least 2,000 yuan a month to get the royalties! In a few years ago, she was a little girl with autism. Yesterday, reporters saw at the school for two Shuiguohu one (4) Students Zhang Ningxin.

daughter in the training process, LIU Hui-fang co-published a book In the book's preface, she wrote: years, LIU Hui-fang witnessed the child a little bit of performance, teaching her how to paint with her do it manually, games, learning, send her to learn dance, play the piano, learning calligraphy. Child in the mother's infection, the smile more sweet, then more and more.
years, LIU Hui-fang, and her daughter to paint with your fingers together to create China's first handprint painting comic strip. 6-year-old daughter became the youngest comic book author.
Ning Xin This is Yellowstone, a person , parents are media practitioners. Mom introduced LIU Hui-fang, 3 years old, my daughter is very lovely. In 2006, she and her husband went to Shanghai's development, the child with a stay at home to Grandma.
Zhang Ningxin

originally thought to work in Shanghai, can provide a better environment for children, but the opposite is true.
fingerprints comics, in fact, first used fingerprints to draw a base, and then outline the cartoon brush, etc .. LIU Hui-fang explains that the daughter is very interested in comics fingerprints. Daughter, drawing, she gave her daughter's paintings in the side with the text, with very understanding mother and daughter.

own words with LIU Hui-fang, China, when many children learn things like follow the convention. It must be a blue sky, clouds must be a white. As everyone knows, this is in fact denied the child's creativity.
7-year-old daughter into a caricature of the magazine column
LIU Hui-fang tears, this is the home to work before the carefree daughter? Less than 3 years old, she can learn to recite poems, speak English, and now four and a half has regressed to the even number of 1 to 10 are not clear. Who work only a year and a half, like a sophisticated adult daughter, every day the magazine can only hold my father to return to sleep, she can be found in the thousands of Chinese characters in the father's signature, and kissed his father's name in front and pro, but not on the phone to say

Over time, the couple have an idea: Let children learn drawing fingerprint painting. In fact, this painting very early, but if the child's vision, drawing a number of fingerprints comics, should be very interesting.

last September, LIU Hui-fang Shuiguohu for two to send her daughter to school. Children on the first day to write in his diary: Now, though she is not a monitor, but it is an Responsible for the relevant day, the classroom door shut Heating, monitoring whether the damage to the books and other students.

2008 Chinese New Year, the couple from Shanghai home. The collapse of her child's performance: the original lively little girl, hiding in a table in the corner, watching in horror as father and mother.
attentive mother's She often took her daughter to the streets distributing leaflets, selling newspapers; every night and weekend, and they read together in the four classic Green Fairy; follow Pu so that her daughter and the children in the square storytelling, performing drama.
once, LIU Hui-fang daughter invited a teacher to teach Hulusi, playing with them to the square, many other children come over, have looked at her with envy. Children in this light, the fully found confidence.

and her husband, after discussions, LIU Hui-fang made an important decision: to quit 18 million salary in Shanghai, work, and her husband to go home development. They decided to use their actions to save her daughter. March 2008, the family moved from Wuhan, Huangshi, Wuhan, her husband found a magazine editor, a job, LIU Hui-fang then became a full-time mother, dedicated to take care of children.


[link widoczny dla zalogowanych]

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[link widoczny dla zalogowanych]

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